Course — MECE 6397: Design for Oil and Gas


Usually offered in the Spring Semester.


The objectives of the course will be to:

  • Apply the code requirements for subsea oil and gas equipment in the design of components and their basic elements
  • Integrate design techniques of individual components into a subsea package such as manifold systems

Topics Covered: 

Design for Pressure Containment: This section of the course will explain how to design for pressure containment a subsea manifold. Internal and external pressure, thermal expansion analysis, misalignment and residual stresses will be considered for pipe wall thickness sizing. Design of metal seal gasket rings and flange connections will be extensively explain. Type of elastomer seals, advantages, disadvantages and design will be covered.

Piping Flexibility Design: In this unit, piping stress for self-weight, current drag effects, thermal expansion, misalignments due to manufacturing tolerances and pressure will be analyzed in order to design a proper jumper and flowloop system. Temperature profiles and thermal analysis will determine the thermal expansion loads on the system. Fatigue damage for vortex induced vibration will also be covered in thin unit.

Design for Pressure and Flow Control: In this unit, most common type of valves and actuators used in subsea production systems will be presented. Guided examples will be performed to help students understand the design considerations and constrains of gate valves. Pigging requirements will be reviewed.

Design of Structures: In this section, topics such as shallow and pile foundation, design for welded structures and load shoulder and lock ring will be reviewed and analyzed.

Course Grading: 

The course grade will be based on homework, project, quizzes and final exam.


Mathcad, Matlab or Excel are recommended to use for the project. Project will comprise the design of a subsea manifold by integrating the methods provided in the lectures. Given data for the project includes production pressure, temperature, flowrate, size and number of Christmas trees, size and number of pipelines, water depth and soil conditions. Outputs for this project shall include pipe and header sizing, jumper analysis, hydraulic connector design, bolted flange design, gate valve and actuator design, metal and elastomer design, system diagram and a foundation design.