Yolanda De-Abreu

Yolanda De-Abreu

Lecturer of Materials and Corrosion

Engineering Expertise: 

Metallurgical engineering

Corrosion Resistance Alloys

Materials for oil and gas production

CO2 corrosion assessment for oil and gas production

Failure analysis

Materials for sour service production

High density brine effects on Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Seawater corrosion

Erosion modeling

Sand Detection

Subsea Engineering Experience: 

Research is focused in the area of electrochemistry and has worked with Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Corrosion for Oil & Gas facilities.

Materials selection for :

  • casing,
  • production tubing,
  • Downhole equipment,
  • umbilicals,
  • wellhead,
  • manifolds,
  • jumpers,
  • subsea control modules

High rate gas production erosion modeling, sand detection, design approaches for erosion prevention in subsea production