Ralph W. Metcalfe

Ralph W. Metcalfe

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Mathematics


metcalfe [at] uh.edu



Engineering Expertise: 

Modeling: Fluid Flow Analysis; Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence and Multi-Phase Flow Modeling.

Fluid Flow Simulation: High Resolution Spectral Methods, Boundary Layer Stabilization and Drag Reduction, Instabilities and Large Scale Structures in Turbulent Reacting Shear Flows.

Subsea Engineering Experience: 

Model Development for 

  • Multiple Inlet Wellbore Flow Simulation
  • Unsteady Pipe Flow in Complex Geometries
  • High Temperature High Pressure Elastomeric Seals

Numerical Simulation of 

  • Extreme Flow Conditions Associated with Loss of Well Control
  • Abnormal Hydrodynamics Associated with Pipe Wall Anomalies
  • Dynamics of Secondary Instabilities and Flame Shortening Effects