MECE 6335: Heat Transfer with Phase Change
Usually offered in the Fall Semester.

This class focuses on the fundamental physics associated with liquid-vapor phase-change phenomena. The goal is to prepare engineers and scientists to address problems they will encounter when studying transport phenomena in boiling/condensation and two-phase flow.

The objectives of the course will be to:

  • Introduce concepts in interfacial transport phenomena to undergraduate and graduate students and practicing engineers;
  • Provide an appreciation for the application of interdisciplinary principles from thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer to understand phase change phenomena;
  • Provide students with sound tools to approach problems they will encounter when studying liquid-vapor phase change processes.
Topics Covered

Understanding the mechanisms of condensation and vaporization processes on liquid-vapor phase flow requires a comprehensive knowledge of nonequilibrium thermodynamics and interfacial phenomena. This courses focuses on the nanoscale and microscale thermophysics of boiling and condensation phenomena. Some of the topics introduced during the course are:

  • Interfacial Transport Phenomena
  • Phase Stability and Homogeneous Nucleation
  • Heterogeneous Nucleation and Bubble Growth in Liquids
  • Pool Boiling
  • Convective Flow Boiling
Course Grading
The course grade will be based on homework and exams.