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FAQ – Certificate in Subsea Engineering


Do you offer online programs?

The Subsea Engineering courses are offered face-to-face and in an online format. Both the Master of Science in Subsea Engineering and Certificate in Subsea Engineering can be potentially completed in-person or online.


How do online courses function?

Subsea Engineering online courses allow for graduate students to take courses that use cutting edge technology. A student is able to log-in to their academic account and watch their course live as it occurs or a recording of the course throughout the semester. Students will also work with their professor and teaching assistants on completing homework, quizzes, tests and projects at proctored locations, through Blackboard, with skype and by phone. You must have a stable and reliable internet connection in order to pursue online courses.


When are the Subsea Engineering graduate level courses offered?

The Subsea Engineering graduate level courses are offered one night a week from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM during the Fall and Spring semesters. For example, you could take SUBS 6330 Pipeline Design on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM in the Fall semester.


What Subsea Engineering courses are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters?

You may review the university's available courses in the Fall and Spring semesters through UH Course Listings.


Can I transfer courses from the Certificate in Subsea Engineering to the Master of Science in Subsea Engineering program?

Up to three Subsea Engineering courses can transfer from the Certificate in Subsea Engineering to the Master of Science in Subsea Engineering program.


Is there a minimum acceptable GRE or GPA?

The Certificate in Subsea Engineering does not required GRE exam and does not have a minimum GPA requirement.


Can the TOEFL exam be waived?

For international or permanent resident students, the TOEFL exam is required unless you have an undergraduate/graduate degree from a U.S. or approved institution. Please review the UH Graduate School website to determine if you are eligible to have the TOEFL waived English Language Proficiency Requirements.


How do I find out about the tuition and fee cost for my program?

For estimated costs, please review the following website UH Tuition and Fees. Please keep in mind that all subsea courses (SUBS) have an additional graduate student fee.


How long does it take to complete the Subsea Certificate program?

The time period in which you complete the Subsea Certificate program will depend on if you are a domestic or international student. As a domestic student, you can take courses at your own pace and must complete the program within a 5 year time frame. If you are an international student and require a specific visa status to take courses then you must maintain the time frame of your required visa when completing the master's program.


How does the admissions process work?

In order to apply to one of our Subsea Engineering programs, an applicant must submit an application by the deadline date by using the CollegeNet application. The Subsea Engineering Office conducts an application review that takes into account the required documents of your application i.e. statement of purpose, recommendations, GRE score, writing samples, etc. These application components are all reviewed when a decision is made.


Do I need to have some work experience to improve my chances of getting admitted?

Work experience is not required for admissions, but is reviewed during the admissions process.