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Enrollment Information

New students will be eligible to enroll once the final official transcript has been officially received and reviewed by the UH Graduate School OR you have attended International Student Orientation/Check-in. If you are a domestic student, you do not need to worry about International Student Orientation/Check-in. Keep in mind that if you have any negative holds on your account, like a financial hold, you will not be eligible to enroll until the hold is removed.

In order to enroll, you will need to log-in to your student account through AccessUH, with information UH provided to you via email detailing your UH Log-in information. You will see your CougarNet Log-in and myUH (PeopleSoft) Log-in- both sign-ins can help you arrive to enrollment. The difference between the two log-ins, is your ID- one is your CougarNet ID and the other is your PeopleSoft ID. More information concerning these accounts will be at Orientation. Your AccessUH student account will allow you to enroll in courses, change your personal information, make tuition & fee payments, use Blackboard and choose parking, etc. Your AccessUH student account will also be your main point of focus regarding student and course information while in the Subsea program.