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International Subsea Engineering Research Institute



To be the premier subsea engineering research institute focused on discovering safe and reliable ultra deepwater solutions for  enabling and increasing offshore oil and gas recovery.

Mission Statement

Build a synergistic academic-industry research partnership advancing subsea engineering and graduate student education with an emphasis on technology transfer to industry.


Develop engineers that understand multi-scale multi-physics modeling and intelligent systems within a multi-disciplinary curriculum to produce environmentally protective subsea oil and gas systems.

Research Goals

  • offshore.jpg Integrate a broad range of engineering research programs applicable to subsea engineering with full-scale and near full-scale testing laboratories located at each university campus
  • Establish international subsea research facilities available to the Alliance Partners
  • Perform propriety research under the International Subsea Engineering Research Institute
  • Perform pre-competitive research among the Alliance partners
  • Build qualification and testing facilities coupled to workforce development


For more information on the Global Subsea University Alliance or the International Subsea Engineering Research Institute, please contact

Professor Matthew Franchek
Institute Director
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Founding Director of Subsea Engineering