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FAQ – Current Students

How many courses do I have to enroll in each semester?

Students under an F-1 visa must be enrolled full-time. Full-time enrollment means that you must enroll and complete the minimum number of nine hours (3 courses) each semester. Students who do not have an enrollment requirement may enroll in the amount of courses they choose. Please keep in mind that enrollment beyond 12 hours (4 courses) is not advisable at the graduate level.


Can I take courses that differ from the MS Subsea Degree Plan and that can be considered as electives toward graduation?

Students may take courses from other Departments upon the Director's approval. Requests for this matter should be addressed first with your Subsea Academic Advisor. For an elective to be considered towards your degree plan, the course must be related to the field of Subsea Engineering and approved prior to taking the course.


What is minimum GPA required for graduation?

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation from the master's or certificate program.


What is the UH Low Grade Policy?

A graduate student who receives a grade of C+ or lower in 12 semester hours of credit attempted at UH in all courses taken for graduate credit, whether or not in repeated courses, is ineligible for any advanced degree at this institution and will not be permitted to re-enroll for graduate study.


How can I apply for a Subsea Teaching Assistantship position?

A TA application form will be emailed to all subsea master's student at the end of each semester. Master's students interested in applying for a TA position should fill out the form and send it back to the Subsea Advisor. Students from the certificate program are not eligible for TA positions.


What is CPT and when can I apply?

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) allows eligible and authorized F-1 students to participate in practical training that is ''integral art of and established curriculum''. The COOP program has been an integral part of the UH curriculum for many years. The employment must be directly related to your field of study. International students can apply for CPT after completion of their first year at the University. For more information, please refer to the Engineering Career Center and OISSS.


What is OPT and when can I apply?

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is conducted in the final semester upon graduation. Paperwork concerning OPT is located at the International Student Service Center, in room 302 of the Student Service Building 1. For more information, please refer to OISSS.


Does UH host career fairs?

UH hosts many career fairs throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. It's the ideal opportunity for our students to conduct networking and meet with recruiters from a wide variety of engineering companies. For more information about the Engineering Career Fair and more, please refer to Cougar Pathway.


Graduation Application

In order to graduate in a given semester, you must apply to graduate by the graduation application deadline. Before your application for graduation is reviewed, you must have a graduate degree plan approved (in writing) by the Subsea Graduate Advisor. Keep in mind that once you apply to graduate and are eligible to graduate that this request cannot be reversed.