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SUBS 6397: Digital Approach to Oil and Gas Applications
Offered only in the Summer Semester

The course provides an overview of different automation and digitization initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the oil and gas applications. Various strategies adopted to monitor the health of number of devices installed in a subsea equipment and thus monitoring the overall health of the equipment itself will be discussed. Students will gain an understanding of the solutions that are capable of receiving, storing and processing large volumes of data from many devices across many equipments.

The course emphasizes the knowledge to perform real-time streaming analytics on incoming data as well as descriptive analytics on historical data that helps meet the goals of monitoring and predicting the health of an equipment. Students will work on a project to understand digital and IoT (internet of things) strategies of a subsea equipment management solution.


Each student will be completing a project in this course. Since Oil and Gas Applications spans a broad range of engineering topics, the projects could be defined in a variety of fields to come up with digital solutions. This project will be presented at the end of semester and to be of archival publication quality.