Jim Brugman
Jim Brugman
Lecturer, Subsea Engineering
Formerly with NOV
Engineering Expertise:
  • Drilling Equipment Product Development: Hoisting Equipment, Drill Floor Automation, Top Drive Drilling Systems, Automated Pipe Handling, Underbalanced Drilling Equipment, Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment, Blowout Prevention Equipment.

  • Software Design Tools Application and Development: Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis, Visual Basic Application Development, 3D Stress Linearization, Dynamic Simulations (Riser Recoil, Ram Locking Systems, Solenoid Valves, Drilling Mud Circulation)

Subsea Engineering Experience:
  • Design and Analysis of

    • Subsea Blowout Preventer Systems
    • Subsea BOP Control Systems
    • Low Force Shear Rams
    • Drilling Riser Systems
    • Riser Recoil Systems
    • Subsea Intervention Systems