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Yolanda De-Abreu
Yolanda De-Abreu
Lecturer of Materials and Corrosion
Engineering Expertise:
  • Metallurgical engineering

  • Corrosion Resistance Alloys

  • Materials for oil and gas production

  • CO2 corrosion assessment for oil and gas production

  • Failure analysis

  • Materials for sour service production

  • High density brine effects on Corrosion Resistant Alloys

  • Seawater corrosion

  • Erosion modeling

  • Sand Detection

Subsea Engineering Experience:
  • Research is focused in the area of electrochemistry and has worked with Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Corrosion for Oil & Gas facilities.

  • Materials selection for :

    • casing,
    • production tubing,
    • Downhole equipment,
    • umbilicals,
    • wellhead,
    • manifolds,
    • jumpers,
    • subsea control modules
  • High rate gas production erosion modeling, sand detection, design approaches for erosion prevention in subsea production