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Matthew A. Franchek
Matthew A. Franchek
Professor of Subsea Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Email mfranchek [at]
Phone 713-743-2758
Engineering Expertise:
  • Modeling: Linear and Nonlinear System Identifications; Physics Based Modeling, Online Adaptive Modeling, Automated Data-Driving Modeling, Dynamic Systems Analysis.

  • Automatic Control: Linear and Nonlinear Feedback Control, Data-Driven Controller Identification, Feedforward Control, Multivariable Control Systems, and Adaptive Control.

Subsea Engineering Experience:
  • Model Based Methods in

    • Subsea Machine Diagnostics, Prognostics and Performance Monitoring
    • Multi-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Modeling in Pipelines
    • Multi-Phase Fluid Pumps
    • Optimization and Analysis Led Design of Subsea Architectures
    • Fluid Power (Hydraulic) and Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling
    • Subsea Systems Integration
  • Automatic Control of

    • Subsea Blowout Preventers
    • Muilt-Phase Fluid Pumps and Electric Motors
    • Well and Manifold Multivariable Pressure and Flow Control
    • Dual Gradient Drilling
    • Autonomous ROV Tasks