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Dong Liu
Dong Liu
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Email dongliu [at]
Phone 713-743-4532
Engineering Expertise:
  • Experimentation and Diagnostics: Multi-Phase Flow, Convective Heat Transfer, Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer, Micro/Nanofluidics, Coupled Electro-Magneto-Thermal Transport Phenomena, and Particle Image Velocimetry.

  • Modeling and Analysis: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Multi-Physics/Multi-Scale Simulation.

Subsea Engineering Experience:
  • Thermal Experimentation and Diagnostics in

    • Multi-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Pipelines
    • Multi-Phase Fluid Flow and Pumps
    • Thermal Management of Subsea Electronics
    • Control of Hydrate Formation
    • Flow Assurance
  • Modeling and Analysis of 

    • Multi-Phase Flow Control and Heat Transfer
    • Thermal Design of Subsea Electronics
    • Fluid Power (Hydraulic) Modeling