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Li Sun
Li Sun
Professor and Graduate Admissions Director of Mechanical Engineering
Director of Subsea Engineering
Email lsun4 [at]
Phone 713-743-4509
Engineering Expertise:
  • Multifunctional materials design, fabrication, characterization, manipulation and manufacturing; Novel composites and devices for energy, environment and health; physics in composites; Electrochemistry; Nanomagnetics and spin transport phenomena.

Subsea Engineering Experience:
    • Materials Selection, Component Design and Technical Analyses
    • Non-destructive Materials Evaluation
    • Corrosion and Erosion Assessment, Monitoring, Control and Protection
    • Surface Engineering
    • Multifunctional Materials
    • Elastomers and Composites
    • Polymer Composites for Vibration and Noise Reduction
    • Multiscale Modeling
Facilities Available:
  • Electrochemcial fabrication lab, Sputtering deposition and characterization lab.