Vahid Taghikhani
Vahid Taghikhani
Lecturer, Subsea Engineering
Engineering Expertise:
  • Characterization and Phase Behavior of Petroleum Fluids

  • Cubic and non-Cubic Equations of State

  • Gas Hydrate Formation

  • WAX and Asphaltene Precipitation

  • Multiphase Flow Modeling and Simulation

  • Sand Production and Scale Formation

  • Nodal System Analysis and Production Optimization

  • CO2 Capture and Sequestration

Subsea Engineering Experience:
  • Offshore Production Optimization

  • Tie-back System Design and Analysis

  • Flowline and Riser Simulation

  • Flow Assurance in Subsea Production Systems

  • Subsea Well Performance and Design

  • Restrictions and Piping Components on Subsea Systems

  • Water Flooding and WAG EOR Processes for Offshore Fields