William J. Thomas
William Thomas, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical and Subsea Engineering
Email wjthomas2 [at] uh.edu
Phone 281-591-4063
Curriculum Vitae
Engineering Expertise:
  • Stress Analysis and Structural Design

    • Structural finite element analysis with Abaqus and Ansys.
    • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics with Fracture Graphic and Crackwise.
    • Metal forming simulation with Pamstamp and Dynaform.
  • Research Interests

    • Failure prediction.
    • Metal forming and manufacturing.
    • Drilling geomechanics.
    • Cryogenic containment design.
  • Teaching, Presentation and Publication

    • Created two new university courses from scratch
    • Currently teach three university courses
    • Delivered one conference keynote speech.
    • Published 20 papers and contributed 2 encyclopedia sections.
Subsea Engineering Experience:
  • Top Tensioned Riser Design and Analysis

    • Global and Component Analysis with FlexComm and OrcaFlex.
    • Wave and Current Loading of Offshore Structures
    • Vortex Induced Vibration
  • Oil and Gas Engineering

    • Pressure vessel design (ASME Section VIII) and piping design (ASME B31.3).
    • Casing design, drilling fluids, bit mechanics, and well control.
    • Shipping optimization, mooring selection, and offshore cargo offloading.